Friday, January 2, 2015

First Finish of 2015

I love to do improv piecing when making small pieces like mug rugs or coffee cozies . It's a chance to play with fabric, lines and angles and since the project is little, it's no big deal if the outcome is less than fabulous.
For this mug rug, I used jelly roll strips from Punctuation by American Jane, which are left over from the very first quilted piece I ever made, a yet to be hung growth chart for Levi. I'd initially planned to use this for a coffee cozy, but decided to make a gift for a colleague instead. So, I added the top section to the bit I'd already pieced and voila! Mug rug!
Lately, I've been skipping bindings on small pieces like these. I just turn it like if turn a bag or lough and edge stitch. Much faster and still very cute!

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  1. Is this the start of keeping track of your 2015 finishes? Not being an instagrammer, I have missed many of your updates - so it would be great to see more. Thanks for posting the 2014 photo finishes... although it flicks through so fast - that bag looks amazing, and I love how your Marcelle medallion finished up. All the best for 2015...