Sunday, November 9, 2014

Introducing the Epic Quilt

You guys, I did it! My Marcelle Medallion quilt is finally finished. This quilt was a true labour of love. I stretched myself in so many ways! I created my very first paper-piecing template (see how I did it here). I sewed equilateral triangles for the first time. I fully embraced the scrappy low volume background trend, whilst also playing with volume in general. Every border meant more design decisions, and I looked to my Instagram friends and blog readers for input. And I quilted a huge spiral which looks AMAZING if I do say so myself!

This is one of those times when I really wish I was a better photographer. These photos just don't do this quilt justice.

I feel so happy when I look at this Epic Quilt. This is my very favourite colour palette of all time. Chartreuse! Teal! Pink!  I'm pretty sure I used over fifty different fabrics. The quilt was over a year in the making and now that's it finished I'm itching to start another wild one.


  1. It really is an AMAZING quilt! I loved seeing it come together step by step on IG. You have every reason to be proud!

  2. Squares! Triangles! Circles! This quilt has it all.

  3. So gorgeous. I petered out around the first triangle section. I need to get back to it and my Gypsy Wife. Yours is amazing!

  4. Wow, Lisa, it's absolutely stunning. I love your colour palette.