Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday: The Do-over Edition

On Monday, I complained about miscalculating the number of light and dark blocks for Lila's Tula quilt. I really wanted to make do with the blocks that I'd made.  I also didn't think I had enough of the Icy Peach Kona left to make a thirteenth block. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective), I am a perfectionist. I found myself unable to complete the quilt top as-is. I scrounged up enough of the background fabric to make a new block and used a very light Jewels print for the feature fabric. I'm much happier with the result and plan on finishing the quilt top this week. Here is the new and improved layout for Lila's quilt:
Yesterday, I completed two Slabs for Southern Alberta. I would encourage everyone to make a block or two and send them to Cheryl Arkison, because, a) they are super fun to make and b) they are for a great cause.
The other thing on my to-do list is not a fun task. I need to replace the leg elastics on all of our size 1 Applecheek diapers. Levi only used them for about six months, but the elastics all cracked and stretched out the first time we used them on Lila. Many of our size 2 diapers, which Levi still uses, require elastic replacing too. Luckily, Applecheeks has a tutorial on their blog. Last night I started removing the elastics and it took me half an hour per diaper! This project is obviously going to take a while.

I did make a Staple Dress muslin and it fit very well, but since it isn't breastfeeding friendly, I'm not going to make it afterall. If anyone knows how to alter a pattern to make a non-stretchy neckline into an elasticized one (that can be pulled down), please let me know! Instead, I might try making this Peasant Dress by Sis Boom, which looks like it meets my requirements.

Finally, this week I'm hoping to start the Supertote I mentioned in my last WIP update. I'd like to use it as a diaper bag. Oh, and I need to make a couple soother clips so I stop misplacing them. You know, in between changing diapers and feeding Lila.

What are you working on?

On Deck

Super Tote diaper bag
Soother clips
Applecheek elastic replacements
Breastfeeding friendly top/dress for me

In Progress
Tula Baby quilt
Farmer's Wife QAL blocks

3x6 plum chartreuse quilt - ready to be sashed 
Lucky Stars BOM -April/May/June/July blocks

Hibernating projects
Curious Nature quilt - no progress
Sew Intertwined quilt -no progress
Flora Charm Quilt - no progress
Levi's Growth Chart - no progress
We Bee Learning Bee/Levi's Bed Quilt - No progress

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  1. I really like that quilt Lisa...nice job!

  2. OHHH, now I see you have a daughter, well done

  3. She does require a lot of diaper changing, this one. Growing very healthily too, but that's probably just coincidence.

  4. Your slab blocks are fabulous.

  5. Love your tula quilt block placement and the colourful slabs! My you are one busy mother but I know you relax when you are breast feeding your daughter. Enjoy all those precious moments!

  6. As much as I usually try to encourage folks away from perfectionism (something I battle frequently within myself), in this case - it totally paid-off. It looks really balanced and beautiful.